Hello, Resident

Welcome to Center Square Apartments Virtual Residence Services.    Our goal is to provide you with information to make your living experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.   

The Virtual Assistant is available during Business Hours only.  We will respond to your inquiry no later than the next business day.

Business Hours:

Management Office:

Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Leasing Department

Monday 9AM - 5PM

Tuesday - Saturday 9AM - 6PM

Closed:  National Holidays

Your Virtual Assistant

Get answers quickly to your questions .  Make updates to your Lease, Billing questions, Issues with your tenancy, or to report an incident.     For Lease changes, this will start the process.


Maintenance Requests

(Non emergency)

Conveniently submit maintenance requests on your Resident Portal.  

Follow this link to your Portal.

Maintenance is available:

Monday - Friday

9-4.30 PM

Make maintenance requests

Make payments

Set up Auto Pay

Download, view, or print your Lease

Purchase Renter's Insurance

Download Appfolio Property Manager App from Google Play Store or iOS App Store

My Lease

It is important to understand  the terms and policies contained in your Lease.    If you have questions about your Lease, the renewal process or issues related to your residency, please reach out to us via Your Virtual Assistant.      


Packages service is provided as a convenience to our Residents.   It is important when you receive a delivery notification you pick up your packages as soon as possible.  (Package Storage fees apply after 3 days.)   

Call 1888-283-0577 for any issues with the HUB Locker system.

Call the Package Carrier for lost or missing packages.

Public Wifi

Complimentary Public Wifi is brought to you by Verizon.    Wifi is available throughout the Common Areas - All Lobbies, Club Room, Fitness Center, Terrace, and Meeting Rooms.

Connect to our Private Wifi Network:

Center.Square.Guest A   

Password: centersquare1


Password:  centersquare2


Open (No Password)

Adding/Removing Services

There may be an occasion when you require an update to your Lease; such as: adding a new pet, updating your car, upgrading to Premier Parking, transferring, etc.   Use Your Virtual Assistant to begin the process.

Guest/Visitor Parking

Your friends and family are welcome to the Community.   However when they do, Visitors are required to have a Parking pass in order to park their vehicle at the property during the hours of Monday through Friday 6PM to 9AM and All day (24 Hours) on Saturdays and Sunday. 

Public TVs

Complimentary TVs have been placed around the community to offer entertainment of our Residents while visiting in the Common Areas.

We would like to thank:

  • Comcast for the service provided in the Fitness Center

  • Verizon for the service provided in the Club Room

Center Square Apartments offers  a choice in Service providers.   


Cleaning Materials

Maintaining Your Apartment
Maintenance of your Apartment

This is your home now and it is your responsibility to maintain it.  

Maintaining your apartment means keeping it clean, sanitary, uncluttered, and safe.    It also means maintaining the facilities in it so that everything functions normally - like changing light bulbs; keeping the toilet, sink and bathtub clean; and unclogging your toilet when it backs up.

What does the Center Square Apartments Maintenance Department do?   Our Technicians are dispatched when something in your apartment is not working properly.     

For example, when the toilet will not flush because the handle is broken, the Tenant would place a Service Request to have that repaired and a Maintenance Tech will come to your apartment to fix it.

However, if the toilet is not flushing because you clogged it, then the Tenant should use a plunger to clear the clog.   

The Lease outlines these responsibilities in great detail so take the time to read it over.

About Our Trash Services

Trash is picked up from your "door step"  Sunday through Thursday starting at 7 PM .    (No trash pick up service on Holidays)  Containers may not be left in the hallways between 9 AM to 5 PM.    The trash removal team picks up between 7PM - 10PM.


Residents will always have the option to take their trash out to the dumpster themselves.

Requirements: A 13- Gallon black or white kitchen trash bags—only.  No paper bags or grocery store types permitted.

  • Containers must be placed outside the apartment door between by 7 PM. 

  • Containers must be brought into your apartment by 9AM the following  morning. 

  • All trash must be bagged. No loose trash may be placed in containers.

  • All bags must be tied.

  • Carboard boxes must be flattened and left leaning on the walls behind the trash container.   Boxes that are not broken down will not be collected.

  • Pet waste must be double bagged and tied and put in containers.

Image by Gary Chan
Recycling Bottles

About our Recycling Program

Residents will be responsible for disposing of their own recyclables using the receptacles provided around the Center Square Apartments Community.     

There are three (3) Recycling container locations available:

  • A-Tower Recycling Room—located to the Right of the Hub Lockers

  • B –Tower Recycling Room—located to the Right of the Hub Lockers

  • Recycling Dumpster—located on the B-Side Parking Lot

Did you know that not everything you think may be recyclable is recyclable!

There are certain categories that can be recycled - Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Aluminum/Metal and Glass.    In addition, there are certain items which are considered as "Non-recyclable" such as:  plastic bags, shredded paper, styrofoam, paper towels, aluminum foil, napkins and more.   

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