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Top Ten Reasons to Live at Center Square Towers

There are so many reasons why apartment hunters choose to live at Center Square Towers Apartments.    Possibly the top reason is the people for the who live and work here.      All of the our team members are seasoned property management professionals; starting at our Community Manager,  to our Leasing Agents, to our Residents Services Representatives and our Maintenance Technicians.     They all take pride in their work and it shows.    You will see it and feel it when you first tour the property to after you move in.    All of the team members go out of their way to make our residents feel at home and welcome.    After some time, they start to feel more like friends than just employees who are here just doing a job.    What makes this easy for us is our residents.    There is a perfect blend of  young professionals, retirees, couples, and families.   Another unique feature about Center Square Towers is we do not believe in “one-size-fits-all!”    Yes, it is true that we only offer two floor plans:  a one-bedroom and studio apartments.  However, we offer a wide variety of types of one bedroom and studio apartments to fit every lifestyle and budget.    Lastly, we offer flexibility to accommodate life events; from needing a larger space because of a change to your relationship status or downsizing due to financial reasons.    At Center Square Towers, we will try to work with you so that you will not have to move again; which is never any fun.

Rather than go on and on about why you’d want to live here.   Here is our list of Top Ten Reasons why you will!                                      

  1. The location.   Close to everything Doylestown has to offer.
  2. Park like setting on 13 acres including biking trails, walking trails, and courtyard.
  3.  Your pet will love it here.
  4.  Over-sized balconies expand your living space outdoors.
  5. No amenity fees
  6. Conveniences all under one roof – 24/7 fitness center, laundry facilities.
  7. Apartments to fit every budget.
  8. Quiet!
  9. Logistics!    Minutes from public transportation and major highways.
  10. Professional Management Company who cares about their property and the residents.

You don’t have to take our word for it.    All you have to do is take the tour and you’ll see it for yourself.    Sometimes when you are hunting for an apartment, you are not sure about what you want or even need.   Our Leasing Agents will help you to find the right apartment to fit your budget and your life right now.    Schedule your tour today with one of our Leasing Agents by calling 215-345-7550 or email us at


Application Criteria and Guidelines

Application Criteria and Guidelines

  • Application Fee:a non-refundable $75 application fee is required per applicant prior to starting the application process in the form of:  a personal check, major credit card or EFT via Portal, money order or certified bank funds.   Cash is NOT accept.    The application fee must be paid in full in order to take the apartment unit temporarily off the market, until the application receives its final approval.
  • Application: An application must be completed electronically via web site, or in paper form in person, by any individual 18 years or older who will occupy the apartment, or a non-occupant co-signer to the lease.  All required back up documentation must be provided at the time of application. Additional documentation, if requested, must be provided within 48 hours, in order to keep the application active.
  • Proper ID: All applicants must provide a current picture ID in the form of a valid Driver’s License, Military ID, Government Issued Passport or Student ID.    Tenants under the age of 18 will be listed as an “Other Occupant” on the lease and must provide a birth certificate as proof of age.
  • Income:Gross monthly income must be at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.   Acceptable proof of income may consist of one or more of the following:  2 consecutive recent paystubs, 3 consecutive recent bank statements that show consistent income deposit history, two past year W-2 stubs.  For Self-employed applicants who can not provide any of these documents, you may provide a copy of your past two (2) years tax returns.  In certain situations, quarterly estimated tax filing statements may also be requested.   New employment letters may be acceptable with further verification.  All forms of income will be verified.   Student loans and other loan receivables are not considered as income.
  • Employment:Must be currently employed or provide a letter of new employment denoting an actual start date of new employment and salary.   All Full-time students will require a Co-signer guarantor.
  • Rental History:Minimum of two (2) years verifiable rental history, indicating no evictions, outstanding debt to any previous landlords, lease violations or multiple late payments.
  • Age:Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to apply.   All applicants 18 years or older must complete an application, meet criteria and be listed as a financially responsible tenant on the lease.
  • Security Deposit: Payable when lease is signed. Acceptable payment forms include; a personal check, major credit card or EFT via the Tenant Portal, money order or certified bank funds.   Cash is NOT accepted.   For leases signed within 5 days of move-in must be paid with money order or certified funds.   No deposit will be waived or paid in portions.
  • Credit:A credit history report will be generated for each individual applicant.  Credit history must meet our minimum Experian FICO score guidelines of 650.   Co-signer applicants must meet our minimum FICO score of 700.   Exceptions considered for: medical or discharged/released bankruptcies over five (5) years.
  • Automatic Rejection for: false, inaccurate or incomplete application(s), past evictions, money owed to previous landlord, judgments related to residency, outstanding federal tax liens, current bankruptcy proceedings, bankruptcy filed in past five (5) years that has not been discharged or released, current foreclosure proceedings, prior foreclosure within past ten (10) years, undisclosed criminal record, felony conviction within past ten (10) years, felony or misdemeanor conviction as a result of any physical assault, violent action, domestic violence, spousal abuse, any sex offense crimes, registered sex offenders, terrorist database(s), conviction for manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance, unpaid child support or excessive misdemeanors or arrests.

No Butts About It. We are a SMOKE-FREE Community.

Center Square Towers Apartments is a Smoke FREE Community.  

For the health and safety of our residents, this community is smoke-free.     Smoking of any kind (including Vaping) by anyone is not permitted anywhere on the 13 acre property where Center Square Towers sits including the apartments, the balconies and the grounds.       We appreciate that not everyone may share in our point of view; however, in a multifamily living environment, anything fire related such as lighters or matches is not something to be taken lightly.     Also there are countless health concerns related to the act of smoking and we are all trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle.     We feel very strongly about maintaining a SMOKE FREE environment which is why there is a non-smoking provision in our Lease.      In addition, there are fines for anyone violating this policy.

Center Square Towers Apartments is a beautiful community with a new modern vibe in the heart of Doylestown, PA.   We have a wide variety of apartments at different rates to fit every budget.      Come by for a tour today.




Best Pets for Apartment Living

 Thank you for this great article.

Pets do more than pose for funny online videos. They provide companionship and fun. But before you run out and buy the first pet you see, consider finding one of the best pets for apartments.


As many as one in three households own a dog, but these furry friends often need plenty of space to run, and their barking is disturbing to other renters. If you’re a dog person, consider a pug. They’re quiet and don’t need much exercise.


Felines are small and quiet with no cage requirements. As long as you have room for a litter box, cats make good apartment pets.


Watching fish swim for just a few minutes can reduce stress, according to That’s as good a reason as any to have fish for pets! Plus, you only need a small aquarium.


Feathered pets sing and chatter all day. They love attention, but they can be too noisy for some neighbors. They also may require bulky cages that take up precious space in your apartment.

Hamsters, guinea pigs & rats

While these friendly rodents may get a bad reputation, small and quiet, a hamster requires little space. They are nocturnal, though, so they only make good apartment pets if your hamster’s nighttime noises won’t wake you or the neighbors.

Guinea pigs love human attention, and they thrive in pairs. You’ll need at least a four square foot cage to house your guinea pigs pets.

Social animals, rats live best in pairs too. They need a cage that’s at least two square foot, according to the ASPCA, and you’ll need plenty of free time to play with your rats.


Most property managers won’t approve poisonous snakes, but non-poisonous snakes make for quiet companions. You will need a locking cage that’s large enough for an adult snake to stretch out to two-thirds of its length. That means a six-foot long adult snake will need a four-foot long cage.   (Center Square Towers does not permit snakes or any other exotic animals.)

Hermit crabs

Compact, hermit crabs need only a small aquarium filled with spare shells, water dishes and climbing toys. You can’t cuddle a hermit crab, but it doesn’t require much interaction or space.

Look at your lease

You might have your heart set on pet ownership, but check your lease before you bring a pet home. It will outline the type, number and size of pets you can have, and it will list any annual pet ownership fees.

You will want to follow the lease, even if that means you can’t adopt a pet pig or a golden retriever. You can always get your pet fix as a volunteer at a local animal shelter or as a pet sitter for coworkers and friends.

If your lease does allow pets, decide which pet is right for you. Then have fun with your new furry friend!

– See more at:

LIKE Apartment Living Selfie Contest


Do you love living in your apartment?  Then enter Center Square Towers LIKE Apartment Living Selfie Contest for a chance of winning $100 Gift Card.

How does the contest work?

Take a SELFIE of how you enjoy living in your apartment whether it’s around Center Square Towers community or around Doylestown. Then email your SELFIE to:   This is what we are looking for. Take a Selfie of: making dinner, sipping wine on your balcony, working out in the fitness center, dining, shopping, or enjoying an event in Doylestown.

If we like your SELFIE or video, we will post it on our Facebook page and you get a $10 gift card.   When it’s posted, we will let you know so you can invite your friends to LIKE your photo to increase your chances of winning.     The photo or video with the most LIKES on our Facebook page by Sept 30th, 2016 WINS $100 GIFT CARD.   So start sending us your pictures and videos today through Sept 6th.   Pretty simple!

Just like every contest there are some Rules.

Photos and/or video should be submitted to   Entries are limited to current Center Square Tower residents only. Limit: One entry per apartment       occupant.   Your email Entry must include your name, apartment number and a phone     number.   No inappropriate material, trademarked or copy righted images will be accepted.   If your photo/video is posted and if you are the winner or the recipient of the $10 gift card, we will notify you either by text, email or phone call to come pick it up at the Residents Services Office. If not picked up within 10 business days of the notice, the gift card will be mailed to you.

By submitting a picture or video, you understand and consent that your photographic, audio and/or video recording will be used on the internet on Center Square Towers’ Facebook, Website and/or Blog in its original unedited form and that you will receive no compensation other than the above.




Living Room View

Looking for a Great Apartment that is Walkable to everything in Doylestown.    Center Square  Towers has fully renovated apartments that feels like you are living in Manhatten.    We have a  beautiful Premier 1 Bedroom Apartment with an amazing view of the Doylestown area available for rent today.   Our community also has a New 24/7 Fitness Center, FREE Wifi in the Common Areas, and Study Lounge/Lending Library.    Center Square Towers is centrally located to:  Doylestown Night Life, Eateries, Shopping Centers, Cultural Center, Business District and the new Justice Centers.

Our Premier Apartments have high end finishes: espresso colored kitchen cabinetry, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances .

Appliances package includes: microwave, oven/stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and washer/dryer combo.

The apartment boasts beautiful tile flooring in kitchen and bath, hardwood in foyer and living room.

The comfort and coziness of carpet in bedroom.

Spa-like bathroomA spa-like luxury bathroom with tile walls and floors and walk-in waterfall shower to relax in at the end of a hard day.   Plus the convenience of a of a European style laundry machine in the unit.




Availability is limited so please schedule your showing with our Leasing Office today.

To see our full listing of available apartments, please click here.


Snow Storm

Snow Storm prep gets positive feedback

As an apartment complex, it is nice to receive positive feed back from our residents for a job well done.     The Snow Storm that we had on January 23rd caught our area by surprise.    We were very lucky that the Blizzard did not a bigger or more devastating impact by causing any power outages.     But if it had, we would have been ready for it.     Prior to the Storm, our Community Manager had sent out a notice to all Residents informing them of the protocol should the property loose power.     In response to this notice, one of our Residents was kind enough to share with us her appreciation for our preparedness and had gone as far as sending a copy of her letter of appreciation to The Intelligencer Newspaper.     This is what she wrote:

“Good work during the storm; Posted Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I would like to extend my appreciation to Zencorr and all of its associates and the staff of Center Square Towers for the exemplary care they provided during the recent snowstorm.

Each of us was informed of the detailed preparations, especially in case of a power outage.

Center Square Towers is now an apartment complex for all ages, so it certainly gave us and our families and friends peach of mind.

Another note of gratitude:  Because the driveway was accessible by Sunday morning, Paul Mulholland was able to deliver my Intelligence.   Thank you, Paul”

Esther Welch-Doylestown, PA

Thank you Ms. Welch for taking the time to make this kind gesture.   We have shared it with all of the staff and management.    It  is much appreciated.



Did you know?

  • Reserved parking spots are available – For a small fee, you can have a dedicated parking spot.   To get one, all you need to do is contact our Residents Service Office who will walk you through the spot selection process and help you with your paperwork.
  • Quiet Hours from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM  – Many of the residents who live here either work during the day, take classes or just need their beauty sleep.     Please keep the noise level in your apartment to a minimum during the hours of 10 PM to 8 AM.
  • Leashes are Required at all times – If you enjoy taking your dog out for a walk, he/she must be on a leash and under your control at all times.
  • Pet Poo-Poo stations are available for your convenience – There are three “Poo Poo” Station placed through out the property for your convenience so you can pick up after your pet.
  • You should keep us informed of any changes-
    • If you need to add or remove services that you are paying for such as: pets or reserved parking , stop by our Residents Service Office to complete a removal of services Addendum.
    • If you have a person who has recently moved in with you, you will need to notify the Building Manager about this.

If there is ever a question about a service, you can always check with our Resident Services Office.

Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Identity Theft can strike anyone at anytime.

Identity Theft can strike anyone at anytime.

Avoid Becoming A Victim of a Faceless Crime!

According to the Experian credit bureau, there are two types of identity theft are rising faster than any others: those involving tax returns and medical care. These types of identity theft tend to target seniors more than any other groups.  Why?  Seniors tend to have great credit history.   An identity thief would rather steal the identity of someone who is credit worthy than someone who is not.   A senior’s application is more likely to be approved, making it very attractive for a thief to steal.   Seniors are also less likely to monitor their credit history and credit reports because they not applying for auto loans, mortgages and store credit cards at this stage in their life.

How can a senior protect themselves from becoming victims of identity theft? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Avoid calls about your personal information.   Anyone calling about your personal information should be considered suspicious.   This includes questions about your finances and medical information, too.    What do you do?   Hang up on them.   Your are not being rude!    You are only protecting yourself.
    • Monitor your credit report.   You can get a free credit report from each of the credit bureaus each year.  Mark it on your calendar to remind you to do this                                                          annual chore.    Visit and remember that the reports are absolutely free to you.
  •  Don’t carry more than you need. Leave your Social Security card, Medicare card, extra credit cards, and financial information at home.   Secure them in a locked security box and place it in a secured spot in your home.
  • Establish a go-to-person.  One’s health condition can change very quickly.   It is important to have someone you know and trust with whom you can leave or tell the location of your important documents should you ever find yourself in the care of a hospital or rehab facility.
  • Cyber Security.   Make sure your computer is secured with antivirus and firewall software.   It is also important to not share your passwords with a stranger.    Keep your passwords unique and change them on a regular basis.     If at all possible, stay away from using public computers to do your Online Banking.   If you do not clear the computer’s memory, someone could access the information from your last  session.
  • Dispose of information properly.    Another way identity thieves get your information is from your trash.     By shredding any unwanted documents before throwing them away will deter anyone from learning your personal information.    A paper shredder is an inexpensive anti-identity theft device.

Identity Theft can happen to anyone at any age.     These helpful steps can be appreciated by everyone at  any age.     Do your part to avoid becoming a victim of this faceless type of crime.


p6iyG6bcnIf you are planning to be away from your apartment for the Holidays, here are some tips to help you prepare:

-Either tell a neighbor that you are not going to be home for a few days or inform the Residents Services Office.

-Set the thermostat of your heater to a low setting.   This will keep the apartment at a consistent temperature.

-Throw out any perishable food items.

– Take out the trash.

Before you leave, check your mail and pick up any packages that are being held at the office for you.    Last but not least, be sure to lock your windows, doors and unplug all Holiday Lighting.

Have a safe journey to your Holiday Destination!


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