FAIR HOUSING STATEMENT:  Zencorr Properties is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws.  We will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other specific classes protected by applicable laws.

OCCUPANCY GUIDELINES:  Occupancy guidelines are governed by State, City, and local ordinances.  In the absence of requirements by these agencies, the standard occupancy guidelines will be determined by property conditions.  See property Rules & Regulations for additional restrictions.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LEASE:   Each Tenant who is 18 years of age or older, and Co-signer/Guarantor; if applicable, applying will become jointly financially responsible for all rents, security deposits, utilities fees, fines and damages to the apartment.    Management will not refund any part of a security deposit until the apartment is complete vacated by all financially responsible tenants. 

APPLICATION FEE:   Applicants are required to pay a $75 application fee at the time the application is submitted.  We accept ACH Debit Transactions and Credit Cards online.  (Third party fees applied when using a credit card)  Personal checks and/or cash is NOT accepted for application purposes.   Application Fees are Non-Refundable.

APPLICANT’S INFORMATION:   All Prospective Tenant, Co-Signer, and Occupant 18 years or older will be required to complete the Zencorr Properties Rental Application via the Property Web Site.  We do business electronically!  All Financially Responsible Primary Tenants and Co-Signers are required to provide their own unique personal email address in order to start the applicant process.  The email is what is used to communicate with the prospect and to execute all future lease documents. 

INCOME REQUIREMENTS:  The combined gross monthly household income of all financially responsible tenants must meet or exceed the threshold of 3 times the monthly rental rate.    Co-signer must meet or exceed the threshold of 5 times the monthly rental rate by themselves (not in combination with anyone else).

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS:   Renter’s Insurance with minimum Liability Coverage of $100,000 is required for the duration of your Lease.  Center Square Apartments must be listed as Additional Interest or as Additional Insured.  Personal Property coverage is not required but strongly recommended.  You may use your own insurance provider.  For your convenience, insurance may be purchased from Roost insurance which integrates with our Tenant Portal System.   For more information and options, access your tenant portal.  If you fail to provide and/or maintain insurance that meets the coverage requirements at any time,  you will automatically be enrolled in a Landlord Liability Policy at $9.50 per month without notice (cost may change without notice).


ACCEPTING THE LEASE OFFER AND PAYING YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT:  When the application is approved, a lease offer will be sent to the applicant. 

  • Applicant will have 5 days to consider and accept the lease by signing it. 

  • Lease is considered accepted when all applicants and/or co-signer(s) have signed the lease.  

  • At the time of lease signing, applicant is required to pay the security deposit.  

  • If the lease is not signed and security deposit is not paid within five days of the offer, the lease offer may be withdrawn, and the apartment may be offered to another qualified applicant. 

MOVE-IN MONIES:  The Security Deposit is due at Lease signing.  Paid in secured funds or on the portal.  Move in fees, Boro Fee and any prorated amounts are to be paid prior to Move In either in secured funds or on the portal.  The first month’s rent will be paid per the terms on the Lease – on the first of the month.    When the new resident would like to pay, the Security Deposit, move in fees, prorated amount plus first month’s rent, refer to section 1.5 of the lease and pay the sum of the amounts as shown. 



  • Minors (Occupants Under 18):

Copies of Birth Certificates.If minors have different last names, we require proof of legal guardianship in the form of either: a.) letter of guardianship signed by a judge, b.) last will appointing guardianship, or c.) other court document designating guardianship or legal custody.

  • Identification:     

  • US Citizens and Legal Residents:  Must provide a current valid United States Driver’s License or other Government Issued Photo ID.  Each applicant must also provide a United States issued social security number. 

  • Non-US Citizens:  Must complete *Supplemental Rental Application for Non-U.S. Citizens and provide one or more forms of ID as per that Supplemental Application.  A qualified co-signer or a notarized letter of responsibility from the applicant’s employer may be required.

    • ITIN Number (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) should be entered on the application as a Social Security Number.

  • Students:  Must provide a Current Enrollment Verification Certificate from an accredited College/University.

  • PETS:

  • A current photo, a certificate from Veterinarian and Vaccination Records evidencing each pet’s required inoculations is required for all Pets (Property applicable).   Dogs must be licensed per Pennsylvania State Laws.

  • Limit: 2 Pets per unit.  Size and Breed Restrictions Apply

  • Non-Refundable Pet Registration Fee for Dog $400 for Cat $300

  • Vehicle Information: Make, model, year, color and license plate information is required.   Vehicle limit one per financially responsible tenant, max 2 per unit.  (2nd Vehicle Fee may apply).  Must have current Registration and Proof of insurance.

  • Emergency Contact:  The person who is listed as your Emergency Contact will be the person who is contacted if something happens to you.   When any of the designations below apply to you, enter their name in this format (John Doe – POA., John Doe – Legal Guardian, John Doe – Executor). 

    • Power of Attorney – If you have a current Power of Attorney, they are to be listed as the Emergency contact.   Attach/provide copy of the Power of Attorney document.

    • Court Appointed Guardian – If you have a court appointed guardian, they are to be listed at the Emergency contact.   Attach/provide copy of Court issued documents.

    • Will – If you have a Will, the executor/executrix is to be listed as the Emergency Contact.   Person will be required to show proof of designation.

  • Rental History:  Rental history requirement is three (3) years of residential history. 

    • Rent or mortgage payment history may be verified with previous landlords via Rental Verification Forms and/or mortgage holders via Experian RentBureau.  If Rental Screening provides 3 years information via RentBureau, we do not need to do Rental Verification via paper form.

      1. Prompt payment history, compliance with any and all lease policies, and the return of rental property in acceptable condition. 

  • Proof of Income, consisting of one or more of the following:

    • Paystubs representing the most recent and concurrent 30 days.  Commissions and bonuses are not counted as regular income.

    • Provide three (3) month’s bank statements for the entity showing regular receipt income from business operations and positive cash flow, most recent annual tax return, current financial statement of the entity.   Income stream must be regular and ongoing and show substantial positive income greater than three (3) times monthly rent.​

    • Court ordered alimony or child support payments. 

    • Government, Disability, or retirement income (e.g. Social Security, Disability, etc.).   (New recipients must provide copy of the Award Letter.)

    • Annuity Income via contract, or statement. 

    • Self Employed must provide a W-9 for the entity showing name and taxpayer ID.  If personal income is kept separate from the entity, applicant must show last three month’s income stream into personal accounts (i.e. – cancelled pay stubs, personal statements showing deposits from the entity, etc.).  If personal income and expenses are blended with the business operation, applicant must then provide three (3) month’s bank statements for the entity showing regular receipt income from business operations and positive cash flow, most recent annual tax return, current financial statement of the entity.   Income stream must be regular and ongoing and show substantial positive income greater than 3 times monthly rent.

    • Trust fund, inheritance or investments as source of income, applicant must show balances equal to three (3) times the annual rent.  Funding will be verified by providing a Trust document and/or Investment Account Statements showing a balance equal to three (3) times the annual rent or greater.  Applicant must produce bank statements for three (3) most recent consecutive months showing such balance

  • Employment History:

    • If there is no current employer, a written offer on Company Letterhead signed by both the new Employer and the applicant’s signature of acceptance for a job beginning within 30 days of the intended lease start date will be accepted.  Company is to be verified using at least two forms of verification (Net search, web site, telephone verification, yellow pages, advertising, etc.).

    • We may also ask for your most recent employment information

    • To be verified by Leasing Consultant via phone call.


CREDIT SCORE: A minimum credit score of 650.  Scores less than 650 but above 200, require a qualified Co-Tenant or Co-signer.  Scores under 200 are automatically denied.


Declined application for any felony convictions for crimes related to drug possession and/or trafficking, fraud, crimes against persons, sexual offenses, violent crimes or weapons offenses, and/or misdemeanor offenses for fraud, violent offenses, or sexual offenses.   All other felonies and misdemeanors are reviewed on a case by case basis. 


  • When the application fee payment or holding deposit (when applicable) are returned by the bank for any reason.

  • When the Applicants or Co-Signers legal name, date of birth, driver’s license number, or Social Security number do not match vital record searches that results in an Unverified Screen.

  • Any gaps in residency which are not reasonably explained, will result in a declined application.

  • Any legal proceedings or evictions filed by previous a landlord or mortgage company (late payment, multiple delinquent payments) which have not yet been resolved by means of bankruptcy proceedings, will result in a declined application.

  • Any open bankruptcies.  

  • Non-qualifying credit score.

  • Insufficient income.

  • Pet does not meet breed and/or weight restrictions.

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