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What do we consider an On-Call Emergency?   An On Call emergency would be water of any kind coming into the apartment, no heat, no air conditioning, refrigerator/freezer not working, or problem with a toilet.    For issues like these, please call the Center Square Towers 24/7 Call Center at 215-345-7550 immediately.     Please do not enter an online work order!

What are examples of Non-Emergency items?  A broken blind, a clogged shower/tub drain, bulb is out, or bathroom or kitchen fan is too loud.    For services requests like these, you can submit a  Online work order.   On the next business day, we will schedule the maintenance tech to address  it for you.

For things that are considered an emergency,  call the main number at (215) 345-7550 after hours.    All calls are direct to our 24/7 Call Center.   An operator will assist you by taking information about your issue and then call the Center Square Towers on-call service tech.     Our Service Technician will give you a call back.     If they cannot trouble shoot the problem over the phone, they will travel to your apartment as quickly as possible.

For fire, smoke, the smell of gas or any life threaten event, call 911.


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